When To Call And Not To Call Your Real Estate Property Manager

Posted on: 24 October 2017


If you are renting your residence, or you plan on renting, then you want to learn what warrants a call to the manager and what you should deal with on your own. It's important for you to call your manager when you should, but you also don't want to bother them unnecessarily when you really shouldn't. Knowing when you should call them can help you to be a better tenant. Here are examples of conditions you may find yourself dealing with and information on whether or not your manager should be the one called to help:

Something needs to be repaired

If something needs to be repaired then you should call the manager. Repairing issues will need to be tended to by them. Now, if you happen to have experience working with the object that needs repairing, the manager may give you permission to go ahead and make the repair yourself and to take the costs associated with the repairs off of the rent. However, you do want to make sure you get their permission to do this first unless there is a longstanding order written into the lease.

Something needs replacing

If certain things need to be replaced, such as light bulbs, air filters or smoke detector batteries, then this is your responsibility and should be done without a call to the manager.  Now, if the thing that needs replacing is more serious, such as roofing shingles or something of this caliber, then the manager should be called.

You get locked out of your house

Generally speaking, when you lock yourself out of your house, it is your own problem to deal with. If there is another way of getting into the house without destroying anything, then you should do so. Or, you can even consider calling out a locksmith to help you get back into the house. However, if worst comes to worst then the manager does have a spare set of keys. So, if they live near you then it is possible they can let you in the house, but you should be prepared for the possibility of them charging you a fee since this is an inconvenience to them.

You will be late on the rent

While you may be embarrassed to make the call, you really do need to call your manager and let them know you are going to be late with some or all of the rent as soon as you know you are going to have an issue.

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