3 Things To Do When You Are Looking For A Property To Buy

Posted on: 15 August 2017


If you are looking for some empty property to buy so that you can buy your house, there are some thing that you are going to need to do to make sure that your purchase goes through smoothly and that you are able to get your new house built. 

Land Survey

One thing you should do is to have a surveyor out to your property. A surveyor is going to look at all the deeds and other paperwork that will list where the property's boundaries are. If you are going to buy, you want to make sure that the property lines are exactly where you think they are. You don't want to buy a lot that doesn't have the features that you thought it did or is smaller than you thought. The surveyor will also go out with a GPS and other tools and physically measure the property lines and then make sure that there are corner markers that will mark each corner of the property. 

Utility Information

If you are going to build a new house, you need to know what kind of utilities you are going to be able to have at your new home. That means you need to find out if there are water lines that run past your property that you can attach to, as well as sewer lines, and electric lines. You may have to make sure that you have a well dug if you are too far out for water lines. You may also need to talk to the power company about having lines run to your house and if it's going to cost you money. If you aren't near a large line, then you may have to pay to have the electric company run a line out to your house. 


An easement on your property means that other people have the right to use part of your property. For example, if you live out in the country, your neighbor may have to drive through part of your property in order to get to their property. That easement goes along with the property, not with the owner. If there is an easement on your property, that may affect your decision as to whether or not you want to purchase the property. 

Building a new house can be exciting. Doing a few things to make sure that you have the right property for sale can make it easier to get to the exciting part.