Buy A Low-Maintenance Home By Seeking Out Certain Features

Posted on: 28 June 2017


Being a homeowner comes with some level of unpredictability because you will not always know when something is about to break or go wrong. However, there are things that you can do to buy property that requires less maintenance compared to other properties within the same price range. You will need to analyze certain features that can be high or low in upkeep requirements depending on its qualities.

Native Plants

One way to make sure the landscape will be easy to maintain is when you find all native plants. When a homeowner is determined to fit their favorite plants in their backyard, it is not likely for all of them to be native. It may lead to an incredible-looking landscape, but it will still demand a lot of maintenance. It is possible for native and non-native plants to have problems when you are a homeowner, but you will almost always have an easier time keeping native plants healthy, so this is what you should prioritize. Another option is to look for a yard with landscape alternative such as rocks instead of a standard lawn.

Tile Floors

Carpet is comfortable, but it is also susceptible to staining and long-term damage from liquid spills. It also has a lower lifespan than other floors such as tile, hardwood, or concrete. While hardwood is certainly stronger and lasts longer than carpet, it can still get noticeably scratched if you are not careful. Pet claws, dirty shoes, and dragging furniture are a few examples of things that can lead to scratching. This makes tile flooring an excellent option because it is so resilient, especially when it comes to moisture damage. If you maintain the grout and avoid dropping sharp and heavy items on the tile, you should be able to keep the tile in great shape for many years.


Another feature to look at is the countertops. This includes the kitchen and bathrooms, but the kitchen is the most important because it is naturally going to receive more wear and tear. Based on lifespans, you should be looking for tile, wood, and natural stone since they have the greatest potential. You can check out properties with any of these countertop materials and then go based off personal preference.

Finding an ideal home within your price range and with the features you want is challenging, but you should be able to get your hands on a low-maintenance property by following these tips.