3 Things You Can Do to Make a Good First Impression When Selling Your Home

Posted on: 14 February 2017


Selling your house can be stressful if you are not careful. You might be worried about getting the right amount out of the house, or maybe you need to sell quickly. Either way, the way you present your house will play a major role in how open potential buyers are to your home and be willing to make a better offer. The first impression of your house is the most important so here are some things you should do when selling your house.

1. Remove Some Of Your Belongings

Less is more when showing your house. If you have full closets and rooms it may feel like the house is small, even if the house is quite large. You never want it to look like you can hardly fit into the house. Thus, get rid or at the very least store some of your stuff. Your closets should not be completely full. They should be filled to about ¾ capacity. You should remove any excess in the cabinets, pantry and in the garage so that everything looks spacious and like you have plenty of room. This will help the house to appear bigger and more functional.

2. Get Rid Of Any Sign OF Pets

You may be a pet lover and have pets in your house. Although there may be buyers who also love pets, you do not want to chance it. Instead, you need to get rid of any sign that you have pets. You should put the dog bowls in your car, vacuum up any hair or shedding, and make sure that the pets are gone during the showing. If a buyer knows you have pets it may make them look at the carpets, flooring, and house differently. Even if you keep the house very clean, the very idea of a pet may be a deal breaker for them.

3. Trim The Yard

The yard is so important in how your house will be viewed. You should never let the yard become overgrown. If they see weeds in the flowerbeds, and an untrimmed yard, it may feel like the house needs lots of work. This could be the difference between a couple thousand dollars in their offer, when all it needs it a simple mowing and weeding. It is so important that the first impression of your yard is that it is well kept and easy to maintain.

By doing these things you can improve the chances of selling your home. For more information, contact a real estate expert.