Looking For The Perfect Single-Family Home? Use This Checklist To Make The Right Choice!

Posted on: 16 January 2017


Living in a home that fits your needs is like wearing your most comfortable pair of shoes—you never feel cramped, restricted, or uncomfortable. But finding the home that will offer this level of comfort to you and others in your household is not always easy. If you are currently searching for a single-family home to purchase and want to make sure that you make the best possible choice, try using the following checklist as you view each listing.

Is the home affordable now, and will it remain affordable in the future?

The first and most important question home buyers should ask themselves about each home they view is whether it is affordable for them in both their current and expected future situations. Although the home's listing price is an important factor in this decision, buyers must also consider other costs associated with living in the home to determine if it is really affordable for them. These costs include: 

  • costs associated with the mortgage, including mortgage interest, repayment terms, and closing costs
  • insurance costs, including regular home insurance and any other required insurance needed for a particular home, such as flood insurance in flood-prone regions
  • taxes and fees associated with the home, including property taxes, HOA fees, and other costs assigned by the municipality or area where the home is located
  • costs for any necessary repairs or upkeep required to ensure the property remains in good condition
  • costs for utilities, heating and cooling, and costs for necessary services, such as phones, internet, or cable television

Is the home sized correctly for your current and future needs?

If you find that the home you are considering meets your affordability standards, the next question is whether it is the right size for the number of occupants who will be living there. A home that is too large can be difficult to heat and maintain, and a home that is too small will create discomfort and stressful living conditions. 

Is the home conveniently located for work and school and any other needs?

If the single-family home you are viewing is affordable and sized correctly for your family, the next question to consider is the location. Is it located within a comfortable distance from your employer and the schools your children will be attending? If you depend on public transportation, make sure that the home is located within walking distance to a boarding point. In addition, if any family members require medical care or must have access to a specific service or place, remember to also consider these factors before making a decision.

Is the home's design comfortable and attractive? 

If the home you are looking at meets all the other criteria, you are ready to decide whether its design is comfortable and attractive and whether the home is one which you feel your family can be truly happy to live in. To do this, consider the daily needs of each family member, such as:

  • is there enough safe outdoor space for children or pets to play? 
  • is there room for important hobbies, interests, or special needs, such as space for gardening, a place for a workshop, or a home office? 
  • does the design work well with any physical or mobility issues? 

By taking time to consider all the points on this checklist as you view available single family home listings, you will be able to refine your search and more easily find the best possible home for your situation.