Two Ways to Use Social Media to Sell Your Home

Posted on: 12 January 2017


People use the Internet for everything these days, including searching for a new home. If you're trying to unload your current residence this year, promoting the property on social media should definitely be on your to-do list. Here are two ways you can use social-media sites to attract more buyers.

Target Local Renters on Facebook

According to Facebook, the site has about 1.18 billion active users. Love it or hate it, there's no denying this social-media site has become a ubiquitous aspect of many people's lives and an excellent way to reach local users looking for a way out of the rental rat race. Advertising your home on this site may help you sell it faster and for more money than you're expecting.

However, don't just start buying Facebook ads and hoping for the best. Take time to learn about the site's algorithm to maximize the visibility of your post. For instance, putting a link in the post may cause it to be downgraded, since Facebook wants people to stay on its site rather than be redirected elsewhere. Instead, to maximize your ad's ranking, post an image of your home and place the link to its listing in the comment section.

You can find a variety of tutorials online detailing the best way to advertise on Facebook. Connecting with a social-media savvy real-estate agent can also help you save time while tapping into another person's expertise to your benefit.

Partner with Instagram or YouTube Stars

Another good way to gain visibility for your home is to partner with popular people on Instagram or YouTube. There are a couple of good reasons to make the effort to do this. First, these people tend to have large followings that span the globe. Therefore, you'll reach both local buyers and those who may be considering moving to your area.

Second, you can present the property in unique ways that may garner more attention that it would if you were to simply advertise on these sites. For example, you could partner with a do-it-yourself channel on YouTube to do a small renovation project that shows potential buyers what they could do with the house.

Unless you have impeccable taste in furniture and décor, though, it's probably a good idea to stage your home for these types of collaborations to ensure it looks its best on camera.

For more tips on using social media to sell your home, contact a real-estate agent by visiting a site such as