Selling A Home With A Small Yard: How To Increase Its Purchase Potential

Posted on: 12 January 2017


Selling a house with a small yard doesn't have to be a challenge when you know how to best promote the property's benefits. Here are ways you can successfully make a home attractive to buyers when it doesn't have stellar curb appeal at first glance.

Jazz up the landscape

A small yard doesn't have to be a downfall to potential buyers when the existing landscape has true potential to make up for it. Consider adding a few small decorative trees to the front yard such as Japanese cherry blossom or a promising fruit tree such as plum or apricot to entice buyers.

Other ways you can make a smaller yard more charming include adding a picnic table or bench to the backyard. You can also add a pretty walking path to the front door by using stepping stones to break up a tiny yard and give it the illusion of being larger. This also adds needed curb appeal to make the home more attractive to potential buyers.

Fence the existing yard

A chainlink fence is a benefit potential buyers can appreciate in any home they are considering, regardless of the size of its yard. Choose chainlink over wood or vinyl for a few reasons: chainlink is transparent in design and can make a smaller yard appear larger and is the cheapest of your fencing options.

If the yard has an existing fence, make sure it is in its best condition by repainting wood, replacing vinyl slats that are cracked or discolored, or re-posting chainlink that has started to sag. This makes the yard appear more well-kept and makes fencing appear new, both of which are pluses to the buyer.

Up-sell other features

A small yard may be a detractor to buyers, but other features of the home can make up for it. Up-sell the larger or upgraded kitchen, the multiple bathrooms, sizable laundry facilities, or the spacious living area so the smaller yard becomes more of a minor asset than a downfall. You can also promote new vinyl siding or a recent paint job of the exterior of the home.

A small yard doesn't make your home any less valuable on the market if you know how to promote it and the rest of the home appropriately. A tiny yard can actually become an asset to potential buyers if you make the most of the property you have to work with. A little creativity can sell your home quickly when the yard is less than stellar.