Here's What You Need To Know About Finding A Home In A Golf Community

Posted on: 12 January 2017


Planned communities centered around a golf course are gaining in popularity. These upscale neighborhoods are quiet, well-kept, and by awesome golf courses that provide both expansive views of green lawn and hours of enjoyment for golfers. These are great places to live, but you should also find out some information before getting too set on finding a house in that neighborhood. With an accurate picture of what the neighborhood will be like, you'll be in a better position to find a home that suits your lifestyle.

Which Way Are the Balls Flying?

You're near a golf course; welcome to the world of flying golf balls. If you're looking at homes that are right next to the course, find out which way golfers aim in that area and in parts of the course that are many feet away. For example, if you find out that golfers try to hit balls from the far end of the course toward the houses (this can happen), there had better be a tall net separating the houses from the course. Be careful even if the golf balls are supposed to fly parallel to the houses because golf balls can go off course when hit with a bad swing. Try to find houses that are by portions of the course where people swing away from the houses completely.

What's the Water and Drainage Management Like?

Golf courses need water, and they also have water traps. But if that water sits and stagnates, mosquitoes can set up breeding grounds there. Find out what maintenance is like for ponds, sprinkler systems, decorative streams, and more. Even in states like Arizona, you can end up with standing water in places like shaded corners of the course. You must be sure that you're not going to be in a humid microclimate filled with bugs.

What Fees Will You Pay Even if You Don't Use the Golf Course Itself?

Not everyone who lives in the neighborhood will use the golf course, but those people may end up paying fees to care for the course anyway. Sometimes these fees are mixed in with general HOA fees, but if you find the fees are invoiced separately, see if they are required of everyone regardless of course use.

How Is Landscaping Between the Course and the Houses Handled?

Even in states like Arizona, wildfires can be a threat. Foliage on the golf course that is near houses can transfer sparks and flames should a fire start. All landscaping must be cared for properly and kept neatly trimmed, too.

The only way to really find a golf course home you like is to start visiting developments and asking questions. Real estate agents who work with these communities can help you find a place to live that you'll love.