Expect These Walk-in Closet Features When You Buy a Luxury Home

Posted on: 12 January 2017


If you're the type of person who loves shopping, amassing clothes, and having everything on display and easily accessible at home, you'll be in for a treat if you have the budget to peruse the luxury housing market. Luxury homes are known for having a wide range of top-end features, and that includes offering walk-in closets that will turn your head. Many homes in the luxury price bracket give homeowners ample square footage in the walk-in closet off the master bedroom; in fact, this space is more like an extra room than a closet. Here are some desirable features that you can expect in the walk-in closet in your luxury home.

Custom Storage Solutions

One of the best features of a walk-in closet in a luxury home is that the storage solutions are often customized to the space. This means that instead of the previous owner of the home simply buying shelving units and installing them in the walk-in closet, he or she would have likely hired a custom closet contractor to build storage solutions to specifically fit the space. In addition to giving the closet a one-of-a-kind feel, this approach will also ensure that no space inside the closet is wasted.

Space to Sit

In a cramped walk-in closet, there's often just space to grab some apparel and then walk back into the bedroom to try it on. A luxury walk-in closet not only has ample space to try different outfits in front of a full-length mirror, but there's also often seating space. This means that your spouse or significant other can sit in the closet and offer assistance or feedback as you try on different outfits. Or, if you're trying a pair of pants you haven't worn in a while, you can zip them up and take a seat to see how they feel in the seated position.

Space to Display Items

Many luxury walk-in closets also offer space to display your items instead of just store them in shelves. This means that there may be an island in the center of the closet with a glass top under which you can meticulously arrange neckties, watches, jewelry, or other items that you wish to see each time you walk into the space. Some of the closets around the perimeter of the room may have glass doors, too, giving you the ability to set up various garments and accessories to boost the visual appeal of the space.